Meth Addiction and Treatment in Jackson, Mississippi

Meth Addiction and Treatment in Jackson, Mississippi

There are said to be three levels of meth addiction.  The low intensity addict casually snorts methamphetamine and generally has no psychological addiction to the drug.  Binge and high intensity addicts generally inject or smoke meth.  These types of addicts are more often psychologically addicted to meth, rather than just having the casual “hit”.  It is for these addicts that recovering from meth addiction can be particularly difficult, since not only do addicts need to break apart from the psychological effects of meth addiction but the physical recovery can be especially challenging.  Physical withdrawals can include depression, insomnia, and anxiety.  It is for this reason that inpatient treatment of meth can be more successful than outpatient treatment.

Jackson, Mississippi has many different centers offering inpatient and outpatient treatment of meth addiction.  Metro Counseling Center Inc. is an outpatient recovery center for meth addicts that offer services at little or no cost to low income patients.  This facility offers transitional living for men recovering from meth addiction, outpatient counseling for men and women and continuing care for recovering addicts to ensure success at staying free of meth.

New Life for Women is a women’s only inpatient drug and alcohol recovery center.  Meth addicts go through a long term inpatient treatment and when they have successfully completed the first phase of treatment, they are assisted in getting employment.  In the final phase, recovering addicts have the opportunity to live in rent free housing while continuing to attend individual and group counseling.  When the recovering addict finally leaves New Life for Women, they are still offered the opportunity to continue outpatient treatment on a part time basis.

Harbor House of Jackson offers long term inpatient rehabilitation to meth addicts and they offer family counseling as well as individual and group counseling to addicts.  Addicts can continue to extend their inpatient stays as needed up to one year as long as they become employed within 30 days of the second 60 day phase of treatment.  Six week family counseling is offered to families of addicts to learn signs of drug use, addiction, and supporting the addict without enabling them.

The Ark is a treatment center for 13-17 year olds.  They offer inpatient living facilities to recovering addicts along with attending a private state funded school for adolescents with chemical addiction and psychological diseases, as well as outpatient services for adolescents.  There is also the option for individual or family counseling available.

The Common Bond Association is an inpatient meth treatment program for men in Mississippi.  They offer a long term treatment facility with chances to find employment while still attending counseling sessions.  Each step of the program has a different house for recovering addicts to live in.  The treatment center also has two houses specifically for American Veterans battling addiction.  The ISIAH House is for homeless veterans with drug addiction.  The program helps them cure their addiction along with providing a place to live and get back on their feet.  The Jeremiah House is designed for veterans suffering from PTSD and drug addiction. As you can see, there are lots of centers available for those with a meth addiction.

List of Meth Treatments in Mississippi

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