Meth Addiction and Treatment in Norman, Oklahoma

Meth Addiction and Treatment in Norman, Oklahoma

One of the most popular and most deadly drugs on the streets in Norman, OK, is crystal meth. Crystal meth has been ravaging the minds and bodies of its addicts for the better part of the past 20 years, and as its creators become more desperate to acquire the ingredients required to create it in their meth labs, the formula has become more dangerous to its abusers. Common side effects from prolonged use of crystal meth include ugly skin abrasions, decreased bone density and integrity, and intense lack of personal hygiene. While the effects of crystal meth are very difficult to avoid, it is common for family members and loved ones to overlook the fact that the afflicted addicts in their lives need help, as it is easier to ignore a problem than confront it head on.

Thankfully for the residents of Norman, there are several meth rehab centers with the technology and staff able to successfully rid the afflictions of meth from anyone’s life, and they are all known for being incredibly effective.

The first major meth treatment clinic in Norman, Oklahoma is the Norman Regional Hospital, which deals mainly with the psychological effects that a meth addiction entails. While in many cases it is important to treat the physical and mental sides of the addiction, early use of meth is easier to overcome with only mental health therapy. Addictions are primarily in the brain, it is only through extended use of meth that it starts to negatively affect your body if the addiction goes unfulfilled.

Second in number, but in no means success, is the Norman Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center, which specializes in the treatment of both physical and mental effects of meth addictions. This center focuses on individual needs as a resident lives in the facility short term to overcome their meth dependency. Apart from the process of helping an individual break free from the chains of crystal meth, this clinic also specializes in assisting family members cope with the results of the addiction and to help them learn to encourage the afflicted to make positive decisions for the future.

The third major rehab clinic in the Norman area is the NAIC Center of Oklahoma, which is based in Norman, and helps people from all walks of life deal with their meth addictions. The NAIC Center specializes in its success in out-patient procedures, and accepts essentially any health insurance plan, Medicaid, payment plans, etc. to ensure that their services are available to those who need them. Also, several non-profit organizations have pooled resources to assist in the payment for this clinic, should the patient be unable to provide full compensation by his or herself.

The most difficult part about meth treatment for a family member or loved one is usually admitting to yourself that you need to get help for them. Most addicts do not realize that they need to make a change until it has become too late, and they have already permanently damaged their lives and family ties. Getting someone you love the help they need with their meth addiction is not just the best decision, it is the only decision.

List of Meth Treatments in Oklahoma

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