Meth Addiction and Treatment in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Meth Addiction and Treatment in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Meth addicts frequently demonstrate erratic forms of behavior.  It is those unpredictable behaviors that make them especially dangerous to others around them.  Addicts can show signs of unprovoked rage, anxiety, and depression when using.  This makes them especially likely to commit violent crimes such as domestic violence and assault.  Meth abusers have three levels of addiction.  The low intensity meth user is the occasional meth user that oftentimes uses meth to accomplish tasks they normally would not have been able to without that extra “boost” of energy such as the soccer mom that is too tired to clean the house, truck drivers that need to stay awake for a long run on the road, mostly by snorting meth.  The binge user smokes or injects the drug because they enjoy the feeling of being high.  When the drug begins to wear off however they go through a stage called tweaking and that is when they are especially dangerous because they begin a feeling of hopelessness and become very depressed.  It’s at this point when they begin to become psychologically addicted to the drug.   The high intensity use is the most addicted to the drug.  The only thought on the high intensity user’s mind is continuing to get high and not letting the drug wear off.  This puts them more at risk for overdose because after frequent use of the drug it takes more to get high and stay high.

Tulsa, Oklahoma has many different treatment centers available to meth addicts.  Brookhaven Hospital offers inpatient detox and treatment to meth addicts wanting to battle their addictions.  Patients stay in a home-like setting.  Individual, group, and family therapy counseling sessions are offered for inpatient and outpatient treatments.

12 and 12 has multiple programs to help the recovering meth addict from the detoxification process through the recovery process to the introduction back into society as a sober person.  They initially offer a detox for persons that need it and then they start a short term inpatient treatment process.  The patient’s initial treatment lasts between seven days and five weeks depending on their level of addiction.  Once the inpatient treatment is completed, they are transferred to the transitional facilities where they can stay for between two and four months.  Continuing care is offered after successful completion of the program to assist the patient in maintaining sobriety.  If the patient is homeless following treatment, an independent living facility is offered where they can learn how to transition back into society.  Outpatient services are offered for those patients who have a strong outside support system without the need of inpatient treatment.

Keetoowah Cherokee Treatment Services specialize in the treatment of meth addiction for Native American patients.  They offer outpatient individual and group counseling services along with holistic approaches for treatment of addiction.

Action Steps Counseling Services offer outpatient individual and group counseling services. Patients pay by the hour for these sessions and payment is required at the time of services.  Individual therapy sessions are $50 a 50 minute session and group sessions are $30 an hour.

List of Meth Treatments in Oklahoma

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