Meth Detox

Meth detoxification program

Methamphetamine withdrawal can be tough to deal with and the Narconon withdrawal is designed to make the process easier. This process features nutrition (vitamin therapy) and one on one counseling. It is a drug free approach that requires medical OK to start.

Meth is a stimulant and most heavy users that arrive in withdrawal have been binging and have been awake for days. After a medical exam vitamins are administered either orally, or by injection and many people sleep.

Depression and anxiety usually accompany Meth withdrawal and counselors who are withdrawal specialists are there to help get the person extroverted and less anxious. Vitamins are administered throughout the procedure to help reduce the anxiety. Meth destroys the nutrients in the body so building the person’s health up rapidly and getting him back to normal is a goal of the withdrawal specialist.

Medical personnel also monitor the progress of each person going through the withdrawal procedure.

A basic principle in Narconon is to employ and enhance the individual’s basic abilities, both physical and mental, so that he can rise above his need for drugs. In withdrawal this natural approach rehabilitates the individual’s physical well being and this helps reduce cravings and other symptoms associated with Meth abuse. It is part of a holistic approach and works towards the goal of sustainable sobriety. We believe that you hold the answers for your own sobriety.

It is an important first step and is a confidence builder for the people going through it.

There is a second level of detox in the Narconon Program that comes later.

As a former Meth user said… ‘You can change that, you can be successful, and you don’t have to rely on something for the rest of your life. It’s a lot different than other programs.’

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a drug free life is possible with the methamphetamine detoxification program

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