Meth Treatment in Cape Coral

Meth Treatment in Cape Coral

The entire state of Florida is struggling to stop the spread of methamphetamine use. Things are no different in Cape Coral. During 2009 the community learned that even people you would never suspect of even trying methamphetamine, which is also called crystal meth, will even run a meth lab. This knowledge was never more apparent when one of the local high school teachers was arrested for possession of crystal meth. The teacher had a gram of the illegal drug in her car when she was pulled over less than 1,000 feet from school property.

Why the Use of Methamphetamines is increasing in Cape Coral

There are several reasons why people originally take crystal meth. Some of them have heard about the drug and are simply curious. Others have a specific purpose such as heightened sexual experience, improved focus, euphoric state of mind, or simply ease in losing weight. The problem is that methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug. It isn’t unheard off for a person to become severely addicted to the drug after just one sample. This the reason that even after a short term regular use of it. You can need a treatment for meth in Florida.

How it Works

Crystal meth works because it alters a person’s brain chemistry. Because everyone’s brain chemistry is slightly different, the way methamphetamine affects them is different. A small dose that doesn’t have any effect on one person can cause another person to engage in dangerous behavior. The more often a person indulges in Crystal Meth, the more danger they are putting themselves and others around them in.

Why it’s Dangerous

The other thing that makes crystal meth so dangerous is the way it is made. There is no limit to the places in Cape Coral that can be used as a crystal meth lab. None of the places where drug dealers make the methamphetamine is sanitary and few of the people brewing the methamphetamine care about the types of chemicals they are using to create the drug. Some Florida police departments report finding methamphetamine labs where the drug was being made out of chemicals that are typically used for agricultural purposes.

What is being done?

More and more is being done to stop the use of methamphetamine in Cape Coral. Local law enforcement officers are working with canine partners that have been trained to perform open air sniffs and identify the presence of methamphetamine and other illegal drugs. Citizens are also encouraged to contact the Cape Coral police department if they suspect someone is taking, making, or dealing methamphetamine.

The average methamphetamine user cannot kick the habit on their own; they need the assistance of professionally trained counselors. Cape Coral has one local substance abuse center where a person can get help with their addiction. There are also nine meth treatment centers in nearby Fort Myers

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