Meth Treatment in Tampa Bay Florida

Meth Treatment in Tampa Bay Florida

It wasn’t very long ago that parents use to move to the country with the hopes that getting their kids out of the city would help them avoid getting into trouble with drugs. Now times are different and many rural areas, such as the Polk County’s Tampa Bay area, are dealing with some pretty serious drug problems. The issue that is most Tamp Bay alarming is the increased use and sale of methamphetamine.

General Situation

Law enforcement official’s first started to notice an increase in the creation and usage of methamphetamine in the 1980’s. At that time it methamphetamine was still fairly uncommon, but now it is the number one drug choice in rural areas like Tampa Bay. During 2002 it was not uncommon for Polk County law officers to discover as many as 90 different methamphetamine labs during a 90 day period.

Additional Problems

{loadposition content_randomimages}Many of Tampa Bay’s health care professionals feel that the area’s amphetamine problems are stressing the city’s health care system. Habitually taking the drug usually has side effects such as anxiety, confusion, and paranoia. Health care providers also feel that the rise in hepatitis cases in Tampa Bay can also be linked to methamphetamine use. Approximately 200 cases of hepatitis diagnosed in Tampa during the first half of 2002.

Teens and Methamphetamine

More and more of Tampa Bay’s teenage population are starting to experiment with methamphetamine. Part of the experimentation is because the teens are acting out and don’t fully understand how dangerous the drug can be, in their mind they are just looking for a good time. Even more alarming is that many methamphetamine dealers have learned how to disguise the drug as a type of candy, even going so far as to add flavor to improve the taste. In an attempt to keep teens clean and sober, the governor of Florida and the Florida Association of School Resource Officers are working together on ways that they can help parents and educators recognize signs of methamphetamine use.

Treatment Facilities

Once a person has become addicted to methamphetamine it is impossible for them to stop taking the drug. In order to gain control over their addiction, the person will have to be entered into a meth treatment program. There are 12 different meth treatment facilities in Tampa Bay Florida.

List of Meth Treatments in Florida

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