Meth Treatment Programs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Meth Treatment Programs  in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Methamphetamines are quickly becoming one of the most popular drugs in Florida, and Fort Lauderdale has not been able to escape the trend. Methamphetamines which also goes by the name crystal meth, is an engineered drug that affects the users mental state of being. Fort Lauderdale’s community of gay men was among the first to truly start experimenting with methamphetamine, they called the drug “Tina.”

Methamphetamines are a drug that is easy and cheap to produce. Dealers use common cold medications and some other ingredients and cook the meth in a home lab. MSM is often used to cut the methamphetamine. Many of the labs are unsanitary and many of the dealers use products that humans are not suppose to ingest. Users can choose to inject, ingest, smoke, or inhale the drug. Once the meth is in a person’s body, dopamine is released. The dopamine makes the person feel high, after a while the effects of the dopamine wears off, and since the brain isn’t producing adrenaline, the user crashes. Uses and dealers call the effect “binge and crash”

Increasing Awareness

Fort Lauderdale is not about to let methamphetamine take over their city. They are doing everything that they can think of to raise awareness of the drug. In 2007 Fort Lauderdale participated in the National Meth Awareness Day. The city tried to generate more awareness of Methamphetamines and the dangers involved with a community meeting.

Many people are concerned about the future of Fort Lauderdale’s teens. Since recognizing crystal meth can be very difficult, it can be disguised to resemble candy. The governor and the Florida Association of School Resource Officers are working on ways to help educators and parents recognize the early signs of crystal meth usage.


Fort Lauderdale’s homosexual men seem to be the group that has been the most effected by methamphetamine. Since the drug started to gain in popularity during the mid-1990’s, many of the homosexual men turned to the drug as a sexual stimulant. Since the men often forget to wear condoms while having sex, or share needles, the spread of HIV and AIDs has started to increase. In addition to more cases of AIDS and HIV, it has been discovered that some HIV medications react badly when mixed with methamphetamine.

There are 8 meth treatment programs where methamphetamine addicts can go to get the help they need. They can also attend a meth treatment center in Florida

List of Meth Treatments in Florida

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