Meth treatment programs in in Jacksonville Florida

Meth treatment programs in in Jacksonville Florida

Most people like to think that towns like Jacksonville Florida are safe, that they don’t have to worry about things like murder, fraudulent checks, and identity theft. But if the current environment is any indication, that is exactly what the residents of Jacksonville should be bracing themselves for. The three fore mentioned behaviours are exactly the type of things that tend to go hand in hand with areas of the country that has a high number of methamphetamine labs.

Methamphetamine, which is also commonly called crank or crystal meth, is becoming the drug of choice among Florida’s white and Hispanic population. The problem is already prevalent in southern and coastal regions of Florida, areas that have a large Hispanic population.

Understand the Popularity of Methamphetamine

There are several reasons why methamphetamine has become the favoured drug of so many. The main reason Methamphetamines is so popular is because it is cheap to make. This means that the dealers can expect a greater return than with some other drugs. The average yield is 1½ to 2 ounces of crystal meth per batch cooked.

The second reason methamphetamine is so popular is because it is very addictive. The drug works directly with a person’s brain chemistry. While the person is on a crystal meth high they feel good. The problem is after the effects of the drug wear off; the brain is no longer able to produce adrenalin, driving the person to get another fix.

Why It’s Dangerous

One of the disturbing trends the DEA has started to notice in Jacksonville and other areas of the country is that some dealers are starting to make the crystal meth resemble candy. In its pure form, methamphetamine taste bitter, but with a little tweaking it can be made to taste sweet. This also makes it harder for people to recognize the drug when they see it. Since it is becoming harder to recognize the drug itself, Florida’s governor and Florida Association of School Resource Officers are working on educating parents and educators about the signs of methamphetamine use.

Getting Treated for Methamphetamines Addiction in Jacksonville

The best way to help reduce the amount of methamphetamine on Jacksonville’s streets is to get the people into meth treatment centers. The most effective meth treatment programs in Florida are the ones that put the addict through a detox program, before they start treating the addiction. There are 9 substance abuse treatment programs in Jacksonville Florida. There are also 95 weekly meeting for the Jacksonville chapter of Narcotics Anonymous.

List of Meth Treatments in Florida

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