Meth Treatment programs in Miami, Florida

Meth Treatment programs in Miami, Florida

Florida is no stranger to drugs. Do the large stretch of coastline; the peninsula has always been an easy place for drug dealers to bring illegal drugs into the United States. Right now the drug that is giving Florida the most grief is methamphetamine, which is commonly called crystal meth or crank. Miami in particular is finding that they seem to have an abundance of methamphetamine related crimes, mostly because of the raves the city is famous for. The uninhibited climate of raves tends to make the party goers shed their common sense, making them more prone to trying drugs they never would have considered before. In 2001, 27 deaths in Miami were directly due to the use of methamphetamine, four year earlier, in 1997 only 10 methamphetamine deaths were reported in Miami.

How Methamphetamine Works

Methamphetamine is a type of drug that is created with common cold medications. Producing methamphetamine is very cheap and fairly simple, making it popular with drug dealers and users alike. There are three different ways that users can take methamphetamine. They can take the drug orally, smoke it, inject it, or inhale it. Once the Methamphetamines enter the user’s body, the drug releases dopamine. The dopamine causes the persons mood to improve, making them enjoy life a little more than they might otherwise. The problem is that when the drug finally wears off, the person no longer produces adrenaline, which causes the person to take more crystal meth. Crystal meth users describe the sensation of using the drug as “binge and crash.”

Long Term Health Problems

Many drug users feel that since there aren’t any immediate side effects to their physical well being, that taking methamphetamine is safer than some other drug choices. The problems are that methamphetamine is very addictive and many users are unable to stop after taking it just once. The long term effects of methamphetamine can be hallucinations, psychosis, and a steady deterioration of a person’s mental health.

When a high dose of methamphetamine is taken it can cause a person to stroke, suffer from a heart-attack, and develop high fevers. High doses of methamphetamine can even lead to kidney failure and death.


Once a person has become addicted to crystal meth, they will usually have to enter a meth abuse treatment center in Florida  in order to wean themselves from the drug. In Miami there are 9 substance abuse centers that know how to deal with a meth addiction. In addition to the meth treatment centers that are scattered through the city, Miami also has its own Crystal Meth Anonymous Chapter that meets 7 times a week.

List of Meth Treatments in Florida


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