Meth Treatment Programs in Tallahassee Florida

Meth Treatment Programs in Tallahassee Florida

It used to be that living in rural areas like Tallahassee Florida meant that people didn’t have to think about drugs. When methamphetamine became one of the more popular drugs of choice, that changed. Drug dealers use to avoid rural areas because there simply wasn’t a large enough group of people to sell their drugs to. Now rural areas like Tallahassee are ideal because they have smaller, less well funded police departments who aren’t equipped to handle a Methamphetamines lab. Rural areas also provide lots of secluded areas that allow dealers to set up and run profitable meth labs, where they can produce 1½ to 2 ounces of crystal meth per batch cooked.

MCSO Drug Task Force

One of the great things about how Tallahassee is how they are dealing with the Methamphetamines, which are more commonly called crank or crystal meth. When he was elected, the Madison County Sheriff suspected that many of the crimes being committed in Tallahassee and Madison County were the result of crystal meth addicts looking for ways to afford more Methamphetamine.

{loadposition content_randomimages}The best way to reduce the number of methamphetamine related crimes is to reduce the number of meth addicts. This prompted the Madison County sheriff to form the MCSO Drug Task Force. This four person unit has one trained dog who rides with the officers. When the officers find someone who the suspect has something to do with Methamphetamines or another illegal drug, the dog is brought in. Most of the arrests are made following routine traffic stops. Meth Treatment Programs are available for people in need of help.

Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005

Methamphetamines are produced cheaply and one of the main ingredients is cold medication. When the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 was put into effect, it made it considerably harder for drug dealers to purchase the large quantities of cold medication they needed to make the drugs. By making it more difficult to come by the ingredients, drug dealers are unable to produce as much crystal meth.

Getting the Methamphetamines off the streets helps in the war against drugs, but the best way to eventually eliminate the use of Methamphetamines is by making sure the youth are properly educated about the drug. In addition to the regular anti-drug programs that are found in the schools, Tallahassee has a fantastic 5 day camp where kids learn how to resist peer pressure, improve self-esteem, and improve their drug knowledge.


There are 7 meth abuse treatment facilities in Tallahassee Florida where methamphetamine addicts can get the help they need.

List of Meth Treatments in Florida

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