Meth Treatment Rehab in Gulfport, Mississippi

Meth Treatment Rehab in Gulfport, Mississippi

Mississippi has seen an increased use of methamphetamine use due to availability, not just from the ability to manufacture it with mostly over the counter products, but also its proximity to Mexico, one of the major suppliers of meth.  Meth is also one of the cheapest drugs available.  Meth addiction doesn’t just affect one group of people.  Meth addicts come from of all walks of life from the black blue-collar man to the white housewife soccer mom.

With the increased use of meth, the cases of STD’s, such as Hepatitis and HIV, will increase.  Sharing needles and paraphernalia to smoke meth increases a user’s chance of contracting one of those diseases.  Drug use is also related to unsafe sexual behaviors such as having unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Gulfport, Mississippi has multiple treatment centers aimed at the recovery and continued well-being of methamphetamine addicts.  The Gulf Coast Mental Health Center in Gulfport offers a short term 12 week outpatient program, followed by a 9 month maintenance program.  It also offers a short-term 4 week inpatient treatment for meth addiction in its residential treatment facility, Live Oak.  The inpatient treatment is followed by a long-term 11 month outpatient treatment program focused on preventing relapse.  The treatment program accepts most insurance and also offers pricing based on income.

Simone and Associates has a group outpatient program centered on a 12 step program for overcoming addiction.  It is a long term 16 week program followed by a short-term aftercare program.   Insurance is accepted and payment is required at the time of services for cash patients.

Recovery Station focuses on the addiction properties of the brain.  Their physicians have developed a 10 day intravenous drug free infusion treatment that was developed to “cure” the brain of addiction.  This treatment is said to help ease withdrawal symptoms and eliminate cravings for meth. The treatment is then followed by an outpatient aftercare counseling program.

Gulfport Memorial Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient treatment for meth addiction.  Once the programs are completed patients are referred to group treatment programs such as Narcotics Anonymous.  Most insurance plans cover the hospital’s in and out patient treatments. A lot of the time outpatient treatments are not enough. Addicts need some intensive Inpatient meth treatment programs in Mississippi so they become free fron their addiction.

For addicts that cannot afford or do not want to enter in or outpatient programs, Narcotics Anonymous holds support group meetings that focus on a 12 step program of recovery.  There are open meetings that non addicts can attend with an addict or closed meetings for addicts only.  Narcotics Anonymous is not a treatment program but a support program to share thoughts and experiences with other addicts.  Narcotics Anonymous is supported by donations from members so there are no fees.

Pine Grove Coastal Care Center is an outpatient program in Gulfport.  It also offers assessment for inpatient admission to the inpatient facility located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  The Pine Grove Center offers counseling on an outpatient basis.

The Navy Branch Medical Clinic offers a substance abuse program for members of the Navy.  The Branch Clinic is private and only for treatment of active duty Navy soldiers.

List of Meth Treatments in Mississippi

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