Methamphetamine and crimes

Methamphetamine and crimes

Regarding domestic disputes, cities across the country report increased rates of domestic violence incidents associated with methamphetamine use. Domestic disputes, generally regarded as hazardous situations for law enforcement, become intensified when a tweaker is involved because of that individual’s unpredictability.

Several motor vehicle violations and accidents might also involve tweakers. Paranoid and hallucinating, tweakers might choose to travel in their automobiles. Their delusional state makes moving shapes and shadows appear threatening, and they are extremely likely to increase their speed and exhibit erratic driving patterns as they try to evade the images. An additional menace to society and themselves might stem from tweakers’ tendency to arm themselves for their personal safety. Interviews with methamphetamine abusers have confirmed that these persons frequently maintain weapons in their automobiles, as well as in their residences.

Tweakers might also be available at raves or parties. Additionally, to support their habit, tweakers frequently participate in spur-of-the-moment crimes, such as purse snatching, strong-arm robberies, assaults with a weapon, burglaries, and thefts of motor vehicles.

Methamphetamine is readily available and is spreading quickly across the country. Unlike the abusers of the 1960s and 1970s, today’s methamphetamine abusers cross ethnic and gender boundaries. Methamphetamine is psychologically addictive during the binge and high-intensity patterns of abuse, with users becoming paranoid and unpredictable.

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