Methamphetamine Rehab Centers in Hattiesburg Mississippi

Methamphetamine Rehab Centers in Hattiesburg Mississippi

Methamphetamine use is a growing problem amongst primarily low and middle class people in Mississippi.   Rural areas are seeing increasing numbers of meth labs being discovered, mostly because the labs are so easily created as most of the ingredients used are found in local stores.  The regulation of over the counter drugs containing pseudoephedrine has helped in the decline of the amount of meth labs being manufactured but plenty of people find ways around the rules.  Another reason meth use is becoming so prevalent is because of the amount of meth being trafficked into the states.  The number of major airports, Amtrak stations, waterways, and the proximity to Mexico all make trafficking into the state easier.

Pine Grove Treatment Center of Hattiesburg, Mississippi offer both inpatient meth rehab treatment and outpatient drug rehabilitation services for both adults and children.  Along with the inpatient services is offered an inpatient detox program. As well as the treatment of the patient, the patient’s family is also offered counseling services to learn how to deal with their loved ones addiction, how to spot a relapse, and what addiction consists of.  This facility also offers a 12 week program for 11-17 year olds for drug addiction.  The Next Step Men’s Program offers a 12-1/2 week program for recovering addicts to live in a community of recovering addicts with group and individual counseling and activities such as yoga to contribute to well-being and readjustment of living a sober lifestyle.  Their women’s center is a gender specific four phase chemical dependency program, in which the program is a short term 90 day treatment.  Part of the program is family week in which 40 hours in a week are dedicated to counseling and healing of the patient and their family.  When the program is successfully completed, the patient can continue a 12 month aftercare program.

Oak Arbor is a transitional facility offering programs that assist a recovering addict with transition into society as a sober person.  During the initial phases the patient completes an hour of individual counseling and 5 hours of group counseling a week.  This facility has a four phase program before the patient is offered housing into a sober living community called “The Cottages”.  An aftercare program helps in the continuing success of staying sober.  They also offer an outpatient program for recovering addicts.  Oak Arbor also has a program for homeless veterans to assist them in getting sober and getting back on their feet.

There are other resources offer for outpatient and inpatient meth treatment programs in Mssissippi for meth addicts.  Included in and outpatient program is group, individual, and family counseling along with aftercare counseling services for continued sobriety by a recovering addict.

For addicts that cannot afford or do not want to enter in or outpatient programs, Narcotics Anonymous holds support group meetings that focus on a 12 step program of recovery.  There are open meetings that non addicts can attend with an addict or closed meetings for addicts only.  These meetings are not a treatment program but a support program to share thoughts and experiences with other addicts.  They are supported by donations from members so there are no fees.

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