Methamphetamine Use and Treatment in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Methamphetamine Use and Treatment in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

At one point, Oklahoma had one of the highest rates of methamphetamine use in the country.  The rate of increasing use of meth still continues to grow at a faster than average rate than it does nationally.  More people use meth than other illegal drugs and this is one of the reasons Oklahoma has such a large number of treatment facilities.  With increased meth use comes increased crime rates.  The courts have begun offering options for treatment and recovery instead of jail time in some cases.  Many treatment facilities work with the courts to ensure successful completion of these programs.

Oklahoma City is the most populous city in Oklahoma; therefore, it offers many different options for methamphetamine treatment.  Specialized Outpatient Services offers outpatient treatment of meth addictions in adults and adolescents.  They also offer specialized Hispanic treatment services.

Catalyst Behavioral Services offer outpatient services to addicts and their families.  As part of their program they offer individual, group, and family counseling sessions; as well as providing apartments available as part of their transitional program where they offer help to find jobs, counseling sessions, and sessions on living skills.  The transitional program is still closely monitored, requiring them to monitor patients staying in the apartments.

The Community Action Partnership of Oklahoma City offers a substance abuse program called Turning Point to aid in the healing of meth addicts.  The program offers outpatient treatment services to voluntary participants and court ordered participants.  They are also involved in a community outreach program to reach out to drug addicts not currently seeking treatment.  Their 48 unit apartment complex is offered to recovering addicts and their families to assist them in starting their lives over sober.

The Quapaw Counseling Services are another group that offers outpatient treatment to meth addicts.  They offer individual and group counseling to recovering addicts and believe in a strong family involvement to further the success of the recovering addict.

A Chance to Change offers outpatient counseling services to adults and adolescents with a substance abuse problem.  They also offer family counseling sessions because they believe family counseling will ensure greater success of sobriety for the addict.

Oklahoma Outreach is an outpatient group that offers individual, group, and family counseling for adolescent meth addicts and their families.  They offer aftercare programs once the patient has completed a course of outpatient or inpatient treatment.  The outreach program also offers placement in the boy or girl inpatient residential facilities.

The START program through St. Anthony’s hospital offers a short term 21 or 28 day treatment program.  They also offer outpatient treatment and detox.  Their program promotes spiritual support as well as physical and emotional healing.

Throughout Oklahoma City there are 15 democratically run houses by recovering addicts and alcoholics called Oxford Houses.  Oxford houses were established by a group of men that were about to have their halfway house closed.  Oxford houses are homes where groups of recovering individuals live and run a house together, in the meantime supporting each other on the road to sobriety.  There are individually run houses for men, houses for women and houses for women and children.  There are no co-ed houses available.

One of the best residential meth treatments in United States is in Oklahoma. It is Narconon Arrowhead which has a treatment that can last up to five months with a really high success rate.

List of Meth Treatments in Oklahoma

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